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Destination: Italy

Situated in the Mediterranean, Italy is destination of timeless art, rich history and diverse landscapes. From iconic cities and rural villages with rich cultural heritage to picturesque terrain, it's an invitation for you to experience the allure of Italy.

Country profile

Location: Europe
Population: 60,367,477
Area: 301,340 km2
Official language: Italian
Capital city: Rome 41.9028° N, 12.4964° E

Best times to travel

Mild temperatures between 15°C to 25°C make late spring and early summer the optimal seasons to visit Italy. Enjoy the sun without the intense heat, perfect for exploring cities and doing outdoor activities.


1. Amalfi Coast
2. Renaissance in Florence
3. Venetian canals
4. Arena di Verona
5. Liguria and Cinque Terrae


Scenic Road Trip - Drive along the stunning Liguria's coastal routes, visit Cinque Terrae, exploring charming villages and amazing landscapes.